Does Your Gerbil Smell? Here’s What You Have to Do!

Gerbils sleeping smelly

When it comes to taking care of pet gerbils, you’re probably wondering whether they smell and what approach would it best be to keep them clean. I mean, they spend all their days inside a cage where they urinate and defecate next to where they eat right? The question new gerbil owners might want to … Read more

Do Gerbils Enjoy Being Picked Up? Here’s What We Know

3 gerbils being help by one hand - Tech Guide Central

They’re small and fuzzy and they’re always hopping around. You can’t help but feel like you want to pick up one of these little guys and cuddle him for a while. But do they enjoy being held, or is it just too stressful for them? Here’s what we know about how gerbils enjoy being picked … Read more

31 Fascinating Facts about Gerbils!

Gerbil in a hamster wheel

Gerbils are small mammals that originate in Asia. They have a long tail with fur and weigh about 55 to 100 grams when fully grown. Gerbils make great pets, but care should be taken to provide them with the right environment because they can overheat if not kept cool enough. This article has 35 fascinating … Read more