Rabbit Throwing Up: It’s Way More Dangerous Than You Think!

Sick rabbit

A rabbit throwing up is a common problem for those who have rabbits. It can be difficult to know what is happening and why it’s happening, but we are here to help! Rabbits will often throw up bile or food that they cannot digest. Sometimes these symptoms may mean there is something more serious going … Read more

Why Rabbits Can Live a Long Time: Guide to Expected Lifespan

How long do rabbits live?

So you want to know how long your rabbit can live? You’re not alone. Many people wonder what the expected lifespan of a pet rabbit is, especially when they see small animals like hamsters and gerbils have such a short life span. Many people believe that rabbits have a short expected lifespan. But this isn’t … Read more

Rabbit Language: How to Tell What Your Rabbit is Trying To Say

Rabbit screaming what is it saying

Rabbits are one of the most popular animals to have as pets. But they can be very difficult to understand sometimes, which is why there’s a certain condition called “the silent killer.” We’ll talk about that later. Rabbits don’t make any noise when you pet them regularly. To many people, this might seem like it … Read more